Project Description
QDAL is a very small library that provides a simple and efficient Data Access Layer between business entities and a T-SQL compatible database.

Entities that inherit from QuickDAL's DataObject class and inform QuickDAL about how they relate to the database can be queried effortlessly.

The simple

Assume we have a Product entity that has been properly mapped. Writing queries against that entity is simple and straightforward.

Getting a single record with its PK
Guid id = GetProductIdFromRequest();
Product p = Product.Get(id);

Finding records using an exact matching
List<Product> products = Product.Get(new Product() {
  Name = "Product Name"

Finding records using multiple search fields
List<Product> products = Product.Get(new Product() {
  Name = "Product Name",
  Category = 3

Find records using fuzzy/TSQL-LIKE matching
List<Product> products = Product.Get(new Product() {
  Name = "%boring%"
}, true);

Finding records using multiple all-inclusive (OR) terms
E.g. retrieve all products named "Boring Product Name" or "Uncle Bob".
List<Product> products = Product.Get(new List<DataObject>() {
  new Product() { Name = "Boring Product Name" },
  new Product() { Name = "Uncle Bob"}

The sophisticated

Assume we have a long chain of related and properly mapped classes:

  Content <-> Product <- LineItem -> Order <- Customer

Finding data related to a known entity or "distant" search term is effortless. QuickDAL will use the shortest mapped path between the entities.

Finding records immediately related to a specific record
Order o = Order.Get(new Guid("{47E9A983-4655-4C34-BB6E-E2A4C315D428}"))
List<LineItem> lines = LineItem.Get(o);

Finding records based on criteria from a related entity
Order searchOrder = new Order() { Date = DateTime.Today };
List<LineItem> linesOrderdToday = LineItem.Get(searchOrder);

Finding "distant" records related to a specific record
E.g., find all Content available to a logged in customer.
Customer c = Customer.Get(GetLoggedInCustomerId());    // or something
List<Content> availableContent = Content.Get(c);

Finding records based on "distant" search criteria.
E.g., find all Content available to Customers in Wisconsin.
Customer criteria = new Customer() { State = "WI" };
List<Content> avialableContent = Content.Get(criteria);

Well and good, aye!? You just need to learn how to get your entities mapped to the schema now.

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